What is a Rooftop Solar power System?
A solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on a rooftop of a building is like a mini powerPlant thatconverts solar energy into electricity to meet the building’s Power requirements or feed into the grid.

Why Roof Top Solar System?
Rooftop systems are the most popular option for homeowners. Many residential roofs have enough available space and are well-suited for optimal energy production, depending on roof direction and shading issues.

SSE provide complete end to end solution from assessment, design to installation and commissioning.

How much does a Rooftop solar system cost?

The cost of your solar investment will vary greatly, depending on the size of the system, your location and required design.Solar rooftop systems costs are very affordable and are according to the Ministry of New and RenewableEnergy (MNRE) guidelines.

With available Government subsidy andliberal loan scheme from Banks, the investment required is very minimum (about 10% of the project cost) .Contact us and schedules your free solar assessment and project consultation.

Maintenance:How much maintenance does a Rooftop solar system need?

With no moving parts and at least a 25-year expected life-span, SSE solar solution require very little.
Maintenance, With 25 year output warranty .One needs to occasionally clean the panel from dust or dirt.

Weather: Will Rooftop solar system work during winter or Rains?

Yes. If your solar panels are in contact with even smallamounts of light, they can produce electricity.

Process for Roof Top Installation

  1. 1. Load Assessment
    - Site visit
    - Shading analysis
    - Roof strength analysis
    - Recommended type and size of the system, based on load, usage patterns.

  2. 2. Prefeasibility study.
  3. 3. Permits and documentation.
  4. 4. Project planning

    - Design layout

  5. 5. Installation/commissioning

    - Approval and interconnection.